About SAT Examination

The College Board has laid down distinguished exam/ paper patterns for SAT Reasoning and SAT Subject Tests. Students wanting to pursue undergraduate studies in colleges/universities abroad are required to appear for the SAT exam to qualify for the same. Aspirants wanting to appear for their SAT Reasoning Test or their SAT Subject Test need to carefully keep in mind the latest SAT paper pattern to be able to score well in the examinations.

SAT Examination Syllabus

SAT syllabus includes courses the students have already studied in their school over the years. So if you are good at studies at school, you shouldn’t have any issues preparing for the SAT Syllabus. The syllabus includes:

Writing Section

  • SAT writing has three sections
  • Essay section – 25 mins
  • Multiple choice sections – 25 mins and 10 mins

Critical Reading Section

  • SAT contains three critical reading sections
  • Reading comprehension – 25 mins
  • Sentence completions – 25 mins
  • Paragraph-length critical reading – 20 mins

Math Section

  • SAT contains three Math sections
  • Algebra and functions – 25 mins
  • Geometry Statistics – 20 mins
  • Probability and Data analysis – 20 mins

SAT Mathematics

  • Comprised of two sub-parts – math with a calculator and math without a calculator
  • 58 questions to be attempted in 80 minutes
  • 80% questions are multiple-choice while 20% are grid ins
  • Math with calculator has 30 multiple choice questions and 8 grid-in questions
  • Math without a calculator has 15 multiple choice questions and 5 grid-in questions
  • A set of formula and references are provided at the beginning of the test
  • The section is given specific attention for students going for science, technology, engineering or math
  • Questions are framed in real-life settings on topics from science, social science, and career contexts.

Type of Questions

  • Math sections comprise of questions categories into three different areas of math:
  • Heart of Algebra – create, manipulate and solve algebraic equations like linear equations and systems
  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis – interpret graphs and table and solve problems in real-world situations using ratios, percentages and proportional reasoning
  • Passport to Advanced Math – Work on, manipulate and solve complex mathematical equations and function
  • Majorly comprised of questions from the above topics, the sections also have questions from additional topics in math which includes –
  • Area and Volume
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Basic Trigonometry

SAT Reasoning Test Exam Pattern

  • The SAT Reasoning Test is mostly objective in nature and for a total of 3hrs and 50mins including the optional essay section. The essay in SAT is optional in nature and if candidates decide against sitting for it, the entire SAT Test duration is of 3 hrs. Candidates would have to attempt a total of 155 questions including the essay.  The following is the latest SAT Exam/Test Pattern for students looking to appear for their next SAT Reasoning Test for higher education to universities/ colleges abroad.
Subjects for SAT Reasoning TestNumber of QuestionsTotal Duration (mins)
Writing & Language4435
Essay (optional)0150

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