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Private Online Tuition Tutor Teacher for IB IGCSE Subjects in Singapore

Private Coaching for IB Diploma Subjects

We as a private tutoring service provider arrange coaching classes for IB subjects in New Delhi, Gurgaon NCR India.We arrange classes for

1) Group Coaching in small batches

2) One-on-One Individualised coaching

3) Live online Tutoring using webcam

 Private and Online Tutoring for IB Diploma


Trusted for Top Results

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Our Tutoring Programmes

High School Grades 11 and 12

  • IB Diploma HL/SL/Studies
  • IB Diploma Maths, Physics and Chemistry
  • French, German, Spanish, English
  • A-Levels (UK,USA and India)
  • IB Tutoring online for all subjects
  • IB Mathematics(Studies/SL/HL)
  • IB Physics(SL/HL)
  • IB Chemistry(SL/HL)
  • IB Biology(SL/HL)
  • IB Economics(SL/HL)
  • IB English(SL/HL)
  • IB French(SL/HL)
  • IB German(SL/HL)
  • IB Spanish(SL/HL)

Live Online Tutoring is available in most academic subjects and is suitable for children, adult or older. For further information, please

Contact us:

Phone: +91 99996 40006


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