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IB IGCSE Coaching Online Tuition Tutor Virtual Class on Skype

Online Lessons for IB Subjects from India: All Subjects Tuitions Coaching

Why choose Live Online Tutoring?

  • It’s Effective. As effective as face-to-face tuition.
  • It’s Convenient. Student can access their tutor and have lessons anywhere.
  • It’s Flexible. The time is used according to the students’ needs and wherever the student happens to be – home, school, university, friend’s house or traveling.
  • It’s Simple. All you need is a broadband connection and a webcam (ideal).
  • It’s Safe and time-saving.
  • It’s Fun. Many young people prefer to live online tuition (to Face-to-Face) due to their life-long familiarity with computers.

Live Online Tutoring is available for subjects

  • Mathematics (International Baccalaureate-IB)
  • Physics (International Baccalaureate-IB)
  • Physics HL, Physics SL
  • Chemistry (International Baccalaureate-IB)
  • Chemistry HL, Chemistry SL
  • Computer Science (International Baccalaureate-IB)
  • Computer Science HL, Computer ScienceSL
  • Biology (International Baccalaureate-IB)
  • Biology HL, Biology SL
  • Economics (International Baccalaureate-IB)
  • Economics HL, Economics SL
  • English (International Baccalaureate-IB)
  • English HL, English SL
  • Business and Management (International Baccalaureate-IB)
  • Business and Management HL, Business and Management SL

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