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Private Tutor Tuition Teacher Online Teaching Learning IB IGCSE Sentosa Island Singapore

Private Tutoring (Home Tutoring) for IB Diploma Mathematics

It is for everyone who can prefer to study at home or at desired location. Whether you need comprehensive preparation or a boost in a few areas we’ll create a personalized plan that fits into your busy schedule. Face-to-face, personalized tutoring at your home or at another convenient location will help suit you. You set the schedule, and we’ll create your preparation plan for you.

Online Tutoring for IB Diploma Mathematics

If you have a busy schedule or simply like the personalized attention you get working one-on-one, online private tutoring is right for you. We give one-on-one coaching from our most experienced and sought-after tutors, regardless of your location. For this you need only a computer/laptop and an Internet connection. You will feel a cutting-edge virtual classroom experience which extends beyond the classroom, to make your study process even easier and more efficient. Live online classes are conducted using the most advanced online learning platform in the industry.

Flexible Start Dates and Scheduling

Since our programs are completely customized, our students can start any time. We will put together the right program to take you from your start date to the day of your test, making the best use of time available. Additionally, you will have the freedom to schedule tutoring sessions on your schedule (including nights and weekends). For optimal results, students should plan to study for the IB DIPLOMA MATHEMATICS for 3-5 months. However, we can design shorter or longer-term programs as well.

Complete Coaching for IB Diploma Mathematics: ONLINE LIVE CLASSES                     

  1. Full course covered for IB Diploma Mathematics Test
  2. Dynamic and Expert Faculties
  3. Qualified and competent Teachers
  4. Fully Targeted Exam Based Coaching
  5. Each Topic to be discussed in Detail
  6. Detailed Formulas and shortcut tricks
  7.  Worksheet Practice Questions on Each topic
  8.  Revision Tests (5 Mock Tests to be done by student)

Mode of Study:

  • One-on-One Online lesson on Skype
  • One-on-One Home Tuition (Selected areas only)

Course Fee:  $50-$70/hour.


Phone: +91 99996 40006 (Whatsapp/Call)


Online Form:

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